Martin Kleis Sundstrøm

Digital Designer

I have worked in the field of digital design for 20 years, and have continually evolved to keep pace with the business. This has required a wide skill set, constant research and training across multiple medias, and given me broad and solid experience.

Since receiving my bachelor’s degree in multimedia design at Space Invaders in 1998,  I have had may titles including digital designer, graphic designer, usability designer, photographer, video editor, and instructor. I’m now looking for a job where the gathered experiences  can be used as practical insight in a cross-media world, where I as a designer must create solutions that can deliver on multiple platforms.

I’m looking for the chance to work in-depth with products and concepts that can be iterated and improved upon, that can become the absolute best they can be. I wish to work in a close-knit team of people that can inspire each other and supplement each other’s capabilities.  I hope to find colleagues who are as uncompromisingly passionate about elegant user-centric design as I am.

How I approach an assignment


I have something to offer at all stages of a digital design project. From the first client meeting where we sketch out the basic requirements, through workshops, wireframes, designs, usability testing, development and delivery.

I’m used to being in a dialog with clients, leading meetings, presenting designs, explaining design decisions, and project management. I’m often inserted in to a process that is already underway, and I do my best to understand how we got where we are, before taking the next step. If I’m brought in at the beginning, it is always my goal to prioritize based on the needs of the client and their target audience, by finding the key elements that are most valuable to both.

It is important to me that all parties can understand each other. That’s why I often resort to interactive wireframes in Adobe XD to ensure clients as well as developers understand my thought process and design decisions. I often sketch wireframes on a whiteboard during meetings and workshops, as I believe a better common understanding saves time and  helps develops ideas. I’m also a fan of mind-mapping as a tool for taking notes.

I’m highly structured in my design process: I like to define design manuals, color palettes, and information architecture as soon as possible. This can also be seen in the way I build my design documents, name my files and organize things to ensure others can work with me easily.

One of my idols is the industrial designer Dieter Rams who made some of the most iconic appliances for Braun. His “Good design principles” philosophy applies well to digital and interactive design and visual communication. I believe one should focus on the design, not the designer, so I find inspiration many places.

About me in private

I’m 42 and I live in Valby with my girlfriend Vedrana (36) and our daughter Frida (5). I grew up in London between the ages of 6 and 17, and speak fluent English.

I have played music since I was 17, both as a singer in heavy metal bands, and as hip-hop producer. Music has been put temporarily on hold after becoming a dad, but it’s still a big part of my life and social circle.

I’m also a photographer, a serious hobby I started in 2010 which influences many design decisions and has carried me into the field of video.

Professional strengths


Digital Design


UX, UI & Usability


photo & Video

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Adobe Photoshop 98% 98%
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 98% 98%
  • Adobe Photoshop Illustrator 85% 85%
  • Adobe Photoshop InDesign 75% 75%
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 75% 75%
  • Adobe After Effects 65% 65%
  • Adobe Xd 65% 65%

other software

  • Strata Studio 3D 70% 70%
  • Aurora HDR Pro 90% 90%
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio 50% 50%
  • Microsoft Office 80% 80%
  • Apple Mac OS 98% 98%
  • Microsoft Windows 75% 75%
  • Sketch 75% 75%

I’m primarily a designer, but I have a good knowledge of web technologies

  • CSS 80% 80%
  • HTML 80% 80%
  • JavaScript, PHP 30% 30%

spoken languages

  • Danish 95% 95%
  • English 100% 100%


  • WordPress CMS 90% 90%
  • Umbraco CMS (Backend) 80% 80%
  • Drupal CMS (Backend) 75% 75%
  • Dynamic Web CMS 60% 60%


  • Apple Mac OS 98% 98%
  • Microsoft Windows 75% 75%


UX Designer & Product Owner

Visma Addo (Visma Consulting)


Visma Consulting is Northern Europe’s largest IT consulting company specialising in everything from enterprise level solutions to SaaS products in the cloud. 

Visma’s “Addo” product is a cloud platform for secure transfer of digital files between two or more parties, supporting most of Europe’s digital signature and citizen ID standards. My role was to improve the usability of the existing platform as well as newly developed features. I worked closely with the head of the SaaS department as well as the Product Manager to select which new features would be implemented, and how they should work. I also had the daily responsibility of keeping our 10+ developers in Lithuania on track via daily Google Hangout meetings. 


selected clients:

  • Bestseller
  • e-Conomic
  • e-Boks
  • Pension Broker
  • Salling Group
  • Velliv
  • Visma

Digital Designer

Stibo Zone/Datagraf Communications/OTW (Aller Media)


I was originally hired as a web designer at Stibo Zone in 2009. The company and staff have changed hands many times, and as a result I have had one continuous employment under several owners. In 2013 my title was altered to ‘digital designer’ as we expanded into apps, video, and social media. Primarily I have designed responsive websites and web apps. The main client segment consisted of organizations and unions. Datagraf was primarily about magazines and this meant we became a full-service bureau by not only creating their member magazines, but also their digital communication.

I would typically attend the first pitch meetings with our clients and map their requirements. I created wireframes, mockups, navigation and information hierarchy, before creating and presenting the final design. From there I would deliver assets to developers and discuss the methods of implementing functionality. I would also do quality assurance and usability testing when the budget allowed for it. For the past 2 years I have been focused on web-magazines, where structure and design are reminiscent of the printed product, the advantages of digital media are exploited, and a good reading experience is key.

selected clients:

  • Mærsk
  • Nordea
  • Udenrigsministeriet
  • Folketinget
  • Kulturstyrelsen
  • Dansk El-Forbund
  • Danmarks Lærerforening
  • Widerøe Flyselskab
  • Uddannelsesforbundet
  • Ugeskrift for Læger
  • Dansk Gymnastik-og Idrætsforbund (DGI)
  • Skolelederforeningen
  • Stibo Graphic
  • Stibo Printing Solutions
  • CCI Europe
  • Glostrup Forsyning

UI Designer




A very short emplyment. Picoforms made a cross-platform development studio for mobile apps. Their main client was Sonofon, but when Telenor bought Sonofon they cancelled the contract and the company had to close. I managed to develop a user interphase and set of cons for the studio, called the “Picoforms Modular Extensible System”, and it was a great learning experience to work so closely with the developers and help make the software more accessible to the users.


Siteworks ApS

Web Designer & Project Manager


Siteworks is a little known bt very flexible CMS originally developed at Telia. At Siteworks I would be present at the initial first client meetings to map their technical and design requirements, along with a salesperson who would estimate the licensing costs. I would ensure the projects were delivered by keeping the team and client on track, while designing and implementing the site myself in the CMS using CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Occasionally other multimedia assignments would turn up including illustration, UI design, and design for print.

Selected clients:

  • DSB
  • Clipper Group International Shipping
  • Nordic Event Bureau
  • Complete Office
  • Oscar Foods
  • Dong Energy
  • Vitus Bering Innovation Park
  • Stæhr Ure & Smykker

other employment

2006-2009       Customer service coordinator & technical support, Dansk Bredbånd/SEAS/NVE

2003-2005       Web Designer, Dominion Design I/S

1999-2002       Web Designer, Icon Medialab

1998-1999       Graphic Designer, Cimo Grafisk A/S

1998-2002       Talent Scout, Gritt Music (record label)


“User experience is in focus in Martin’s work, and he keep an eye on the newest trends in UX. (…) Martin has been involved in information architecture workshops and is always ready to engage clients and give advice (…) Martin has delivered designs for more than 20 web sites in his time at Datagraf, for very diverse clients (…) Martin is good  at putting himself in the client’s place and creating a new digital identity.” 
Anders Frey Birkmose

Digital Direktør, Datagraf Communications

“I have worked with Martin since 2011. Together we have delivered a large amount of small and large digtial projects and solutions. Martin er a digital native and has experience in most aspects and proceses in the digital realm. Martin’s skills are focussed on digital design and usability across all platforms. Working with martin is elightening, creative and efficient. I highly recommend him.”
Rene Bloch Frederisken

Kontaktchef, Datagraf Communications

“Martin is a broad-minded co-worker. Hard working, honest and an insightful team player always ready with a good ideas, and great designs.”
Peter Biro

Systems Developer, Siteworks


Bachelor of multimedia­ design

Space Invaders School of Multimedia Design, Copenhagen (1996-1998)

graphic designer

Roskilde/Københavns Polytechnic (1995-1996)


Southbank International School, Notting Hill Gate, London (1991)

  • English
  • Computing
  • Art
  • History

Valby Langgade 99, 2. 214 | 2500 Valby | Danmark

Tlf. +45 2557 1288 |